Friday 19th September 2014

We had some discussion about our favourite plants or flowers at the start of the group. A favourite of Clare’s is Hesperantha or Schizostylis as they used to be called (common name is river lily). They are plants native to S. Africa and Zimbabwe and are great for late summer and autumn colour. They need a sheltered sunny place with moist but well drained soil. Plants can be divided every 2/3 years in the spring.


hesperantha 2

We looked at a range of bulbs. Now is the time to plant alliums outside and forced hyacinths for indoors if you want hyacinth flowers for Christmas. Other spring bulbs such as daffodils, crocus, muscari, tulips should be planted outside either in beds or in pots from October to December before first frosts. A bulb is essentially a collection of modified leaves which contains all the food that is necessary for growth – which is why hyacinth bulbs for example can be grown just with their roots in water.


  • Cyclamen hederifolium are the easiest of cyclamens to grow and are frost hardy. Cyclamen corms can be planted in autumn or spring. A corm is an adaptation of a stem. The corms should be planted when in growth and the tops of the corms should be level with the soil or only just submerged. Cyclamens do best in shade as they are essentially a woodland plant.

cyclamen 2 cyclamen corm

  • Fritillaria imperialis grow to 3′ and need full sun and is part of the Liliaceae family. Plant in autumn and they flower in April and May.


Activities in the garden this week:

  • pruning back and tidying the area underneath the arches and other beds near the steps
  • maintaining the ‘Little Dixter’ display outside the garden room
  • sorting out and potting on the baby sempervivums in top garden
  • taking cuttings of dianthus
  • taking out old lavender plants from top garden under cherry tree and taking lavender cuttings
  • potting up violas and taking cuttings
  • autumn lawn care – scarifying, aerating and mowing plus edging the lawn


Elaine cutting back the outdoor lightsKaty

cake cake 2 (2)

cake 3 (2)

Happy Birthday Clare


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