Friday 3rd October 2014

We discussed plans for the garden over the forthcoming year – there is still quite a lot of colour in the garden but when the flowers in cut flower beds are over this area will be used for vegetable growing. The bed at the back of the garden near the shed will be planted with shrubs and plants that thrive in shade will be planted under the cherry tree in top garden.

Salvia ‘Nachtvlinder’

We also talked about  salvias which are part of the lamiaceae family. The genus of salvias contains about 900 species including annuals, biennials, herbaceous and evergreen perennials and shrubs. They are usually grown in sunny sites and many are aromatic and most have distinctive square stems. They can be fully hardy to frost tender. Julia talked about the BBC Gardeners World’s 25/9/14 visit to Great Comp Garden, Kent which holds the national collection of salvias. Recommended as the hardiest for British gardens are: Salvia ‘Jezebel’ (bright red flowers ) and Salvia x jamensis ‘Nachtvlinder’ (dark purple flowers).

Plant identification:

  • Dahlia ‘Honka’ an unusual dahlia with starry flowers

Dahlia Honka

  • Zauschineria californica ‘Dublin’, (California fuchsia). This is a spreading, deciduous dwarf sub-shrub that grows to  25cm in height.


  • Salvia patens – a half hardy annual with deep blue flowers, it needs full sun  and well drained soil.


  • Leucanthemum x superbum ‘Beaute Nivelloise’, a vigorous, clump forming perennial that can be grown in full sun to partial shade. It is fully hardy and will flower from June – September.


Activities in the garden:

  • Planting asters
  • Clearing cold frame
  • Pruning back under the arches
  • Pruning the Charles de Mille roses
  • Starting work on making a shrub bed at end of the garden
  • Maintaining Little Dixter
  • Working on top garden and taking out and potting up plants that are not doing well
  • Propagation of roses by harvesting rose seeds
  • Taking mint root cuttings

Hil Mandy_6440

Lil Susan_6441


Cake eating6444

photo (2)

photo (3)


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