Friday 16th January 2015

A very cold and rainy morning but we did get outside to continue tidying the garden and planting.

Plant identification:

  • Helleborus sternii


A hybrid between H. argutifolius and H. lividus. Upright stems of attractive slightly mottled foliage grown throughout the year. Green flowers tinged with pink and purple. It enjoys a sunny spot in well-drained soil (acid/neutral/chalk) and may self-seed once established. Bred at Highdown Garden, Worthing, the chalk-pit garden developed by Sir Frederick and Lady Stern.

Activities this week included:

  • Planting out wallflowers in rows
  • Planting out broad beans
  • Planting out garlic in modules
  • Planting lilies in pots and short-stemmed tulip bulbs in alpine sinksSue - mint


  • Rose pruning

Hilary pruning Mary shed


  • Weeding and top dressing pot grown roses

 Sally Ann potting up

  • Checking and cleaning dahlia tubers in storage


lettuces are growing well – time to start making marmalade

seville oranges

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