Friday 7th July


A beautiful day in the garden today.

Plant ID

The subject of today’s plant ident was summer bedding.  Please bear in mind that all bedding needs regular deadheading, watering and feeding.

Verbena ‘Aztec Blue Velvet’ 



This herbaceous annual has a trailing habit, spilling over the edges of hanging baskets and containers. Plant in full sun and it will reach 45 x 45 cms.

Calibrachoa Million Bells Series


These are tender woody-based perennials usually grown as annuals. Grown in full sun, they are mostly trailing in habit with simple leaves and petunia-like trumpet shaped flowers over a long period.

Trailing Nepeta


This is a member of the mint family.  It is a vigorous trailing plant with cream and green foliage used as a filler to add contrast and structure in all types of containers and baskets.



Sometimes known as the Mexican Cigar Plant, this is an attractive option for borders in sheltered parts of the garden and also good in baskets and containers. It has unusual tubular flowers of bright scarlet tipped with purple and white which are produced in profusion through the summer. Grow in full sun.



This heat and drought tolerant plant is an evergreen tender perennial, usually grown as an annual. It has fan-shaped bluish flowers and spoon-shaped leaves. Grown in full sun or part shade, it reaches 30cms x 30cms.



In the Campanula family, this bushy vigorous perennial grows to 30 x 30cms with coarse toothed leaves and beautiful star-shaped violet-blue flowers, produced from late spring to autumn. Grow in full sun.

Jobs this week

  • Continuing to perk up Little Dixter.  And bedding plants were planted in pots to place in spaces out in the garden.


  • Sorting out the greenhouse – deadheading, cutting back, feeding and watering.  Pelargoniums from the conservatory were re-potted and placed in the greenhouse.
  • Working on Lil’s Bed – the white Wisteria was pruned, Lychnis coronaria removed and the bed was replanted with Cosmos, Zinnias and Nicotianas.  Everything was watered thoroughly.
  • Planting Dahlias and Ipomoea lobata in the Hot Bed behind the greenhouse.  Everything was watered thoroughly.


  • Planting white Cleomes near the greenhouse and watering well.
  • Clipping the white Pittosporum.  This responds well to hard pruning and can be cut back tightly and shaped.

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