Friday July 21st


Well it’s that time again as we arrive at the end of our Friday Group year.  We rounded it all off with our fantastic Charity Open Day yesterday when we raised money for Lewes Saturday Circle.  The day went extremely well and we were able to raise a substantial amount for the charity.  We raised over £600 on the gate alone and visitors and Friday Group members alike gave generously.  Despite the weather(!), visitors were able to enjoy many interesting stalls, delicious food, great music and of course our wonderful garden which looked fantastic. The much anticipated auction was a great success as usual and we thank all those who donated generous prizes.  Many people, not only Friday Group members gave up a great deal of time to ensure the day was a success and so thank you to everyone involved, both on the day and during the run-up to the event.  And of course huge thanks goes to Bridge and Graham who welcome people into their garden so warmly every year for this event. Here are just a few snaps of our day.

And for the last Plant ID until September, here are a few of our favourites lighting up the borders at the moment:

Tithonia or Mexican sunflower


These beautiful bright orange daisy-like flowers grow best in full sun and can reach 2m high.  They can last well into autumn and look lovely grown with black dahlias.

Ridolfia segetum or False Fennel


This striking fennel-like umbel will flower in full sun throughout the summer and into the autumn. The bees and other insects love it and it adds great structure to the border.  It also looks good as a cut flower.

Thunbergia or Black-eyed susan vine


This annual climber originates from East Africa and used to be regarded as a conservatory plant.  However, it now grows happily ouside in a sheltered postion in full sun.  It likes to grow in well-drained soil and can be grown also in containers.

Geranium psilostemon or Armenium cranesbill


This herbaceous perennial is a great addition to the border.  It is clump-forming in habit, its leaves taking on a reddish tinge as the summer goes on.  Cut back hard after flowering and you will be rewarded with fresh leaves to pep up your display.

Stipa gigantea


And finally, one of Bridge’s favourites.  Growing in full sun, it can reach over 2m high with its graceful, slender grey-green leaves and oat-like flowerheads.  It introduces movement and texture to the border and its flowerheads can be left well after the first frosts to provide interest and structure.  Care must be taken when handling as the edges of the  leaves can be quite sharp.  Comb through in spring to get rid of all the old growth.

Thank you to all you Friday Groupers for all your hard work this year.  Many of you will be coming back in September but for those who are leaving us, good luck in your new ventures and do come back and visit us.

And thank you Bridge for another year of inspiration, great learning, friendship and above all fun!


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