Friday 3rd November

It was great to be back at the garden today after a prolonged break.  We spent a while catching up on Bridge’s Garden House trip to Japan which sounds amazing and we also discussed how we all got on working in each other’s gardens a couple of weeks ago.

With a change to our normal Friday mornings,  we started off by learning how to sharpen our secateurs when Ian Swain dropped in to give us a talk on how to look after our garden tools.

I think Ian put us all to shame when talking about how we should be caring for our trusty forks and spades.  When you consider how much we use them and what we expect of them, perhaps we should treat them with a little more respect.  Many thanks Ian for a very informative workshop.

No plant ident to day.  However we wasted no time in getting outside brandishing our newly-sharpened sectors.

Jobs this week:

  • Cleaning up last year’s tulip bulbs ready for planting.
  • Sorting out the compost.


  • Preparing the large terracotta pots for planting.  Broken-up pieces of polystyrene were placed in each pot and the pots were then planted with heucheras, pansies and Tulipa Ronaldo bulbs.
  • Clearing the bed outside the greenhouse  and replanting with allium and pink tulip bulbs.  IMG_0441.JPG
  • Deadheading chrysanthemums and planting-up of new ones in the greenhouse as well as taking care of any weeding that needed doing.  Planting cuttings of Erysimum ‘Bowles Purple’ into trays which were then placed on the heated propagator beds.IMG_0439.JPG
  • Preparing Lil’s Bed for tulip planting.
  • Planting out crocuses on the Winter Bed.
  • Planting apricot foxgloves under the arches along with red tulip bulbs.
  • Planting more tulip bulbs in the old veg bed.
  • Clearing the Hot Bed in readiness for a new fruit cage.
  • Pruning the jasmine which trails over the arches.


  • Tidying up Little Dixter and adding to the display with newly planted ferns.  The Pelargoniums were placed in the potting shed for their winter hibernation.



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