Friday 1st February 2019

There’s little that stops us from getting outside at Friday Group, but on Friday 1st Feb.,  snow definitely stopped play.  As a result, our blog is shorter this week – more of a blogette.

We were due to split into two working parties to help a couple of our lucky colleagues with their own plots.  But sadly, the Weather Fairy had other ideas……

In the bleak midwinter


Frosty wind made moan


Earth stood hard as iron

IMG-20190201-WA0000 (1).jpg

Water like a stone


All well at Garden House though – someone has wrapped up the greenhouse


Cosy!  I wonder what tog rating that fleece is?


As a result, the sweet peas and capsicum seeds are sitting pretty in their pots.

In the meantime, Friday Group members have been diligently keeping up with their horticultural research.  This is the winter garden at Mottisfont.  A planting of Betula jacquemontii in the foreground, with Cornus sanguinea ‘Midwinter Fire’ and Helleborus argutifolius behind.


And these photos are from Wisley’s recently extended area of planting for winter interest


The fragrant, hardy, deciduous shrub Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Pallida’, glowing pale yellow on a grey day.


Rubus cockburnianus (the white-stemmed bramble)


The stunning bark of Prunus serrula


And under glass in the Alpine House, these little beauties….


The plants in here are all grown in terracotta pots which are plunged into sand in the raised beds.  This mimics their natural growing environment, keeping the roots cool and away from hot sun.  The gardeners here even brush the sand level with soft paintbrushes, such is their attention to detail.  Vents, windows and doors are kept open during the day, even in winter, to maximise airflow; what alpines hate most is not the cold, but the wet.





Hang on a minute….


Is that cherry tree made of Lego?

And what about these Anthurium andraeanum in The Glasshouse?


It’s the Great Brick (Lego) Safari at Wisley


“Aha! We very nearly literally gottcha!”


At least this one got away safely













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