Friday 27th March 2020

Friday Groupers are currently working from home as we are all practising social isolation. Unbowed, Garden House continues practising horticultural excellence.
The (Virtual) Plant Ident.
From back to front, the Narcissi are: ‘Thalia’, ‘Sweet Love’, ‘Barrett Browning’, ‘Elka’ and ‘Jack Snipe’
Jobs for the week:
Cut back Pelargoniums
These have been overwintered in the greenhouse, where they have been kept frost-free
Pelargonium quercifolium – the Oak leaf Pelargonium. It’s gone a bit sprawly, (technical term), over the winter months; now is the time to cut it back.  Brace yourselves.
A few snips and… see what the poor plant looks like now
Oh heck
Whilst undertaking this job, don’t lose the opportunity to take cuttings
Water and spray with organic SB plant invigorator

To help prevent pests and diseases such as greenfly. Other invigorators may be available

Feed roses with pelleted chicken manure
N.B. Not chicken feed. Weed around the roses and add a handful of pellets around the plant; fork over lightly and water if no rain expected
Beware of adult vine weevils
They bite chunks from the leaf margins of plants such as  Bergenias.  Not nice.
The evil weevil
Continue to sow half hardy annuals
Such as Cosmos, Zinnias and annual climbers such as Mina lobata, or you can buy in plug plants of things such as Rhodochitons to grow up wigwams and obelisks
Keep on top of weeding
Challenging for one individual!! Remove all annual weeds before they go to seed.  Repeat. All annual weeds.
Take softwood cuttings of Chrysanthemums
They take root very easily, so give them a try
Plant out any hardy annuals that will be running out of food now
They tend to go a pink colour if they are hungry for nitrogen – feed with half strength maxi crop
Plant gladiolus corms in trays to start them into growth 
Pot up any Dahlias that were stored last year
Keep them in a frost free place, water and put organic slug pellets on top to protect young shoots
Prepare the veg. bed for sowing beetroot, carrots etc
Sow more vegetable seeds
Leeks in trays or FP9’s , lettuces in modules and broad beans if not already sown in autumn
By now the greenhouse should be looking something like this:
And someone should be feeling very pleased
She is!

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