Friday 18th December 2020

The last session for 2020. Whilst Covid has been and continues to be appalling, frightening and dreadful, it always helps to try and concentrate on the good stuff. This year, we have participated in Zoom meetings – even in break-out rooms, for goodness sake. We have done our lessons and homework. We’ve made films of our gardens to share with others. We’ve converted a reluctant few to the wonderful world of houseplants. All-in-all, pretty good.

So now, with Christmas approaching, the Holly looks jolly

and the Ivy looks lively

Split into (teeny tiny) groups, a few of us met (outside and socially distanced) at Garden House and enjoyed some festive activities … as well as the dreaded traditional quiz. Some really entered into the Christmas spirit

Others looked on and could only be impressed

A chilly day, but plenty of warmth from fire pits and ovens

and from the general joie de vivre and camaraderie

Even the pots were cosily wrapped up

Some plants seem to be naturally aflame at this time of year

On with the practical stuff. Various activities were available, together with a wide range of natural materials

Evergreens, eversilvers, everblues, evergreys, eversolovely

One possibility was to decorate a jar for a table centrepiece. Using the phenomenon that is double-sided tape (it’s miraculous), stick pieces of Rosemary around the circumference of the jar. Then fill the aromatic container with your choice of wintery delights. Maybe add a candle?

Another option was to make a wreath

First, gather together a range of garden materials and a wire ring

Wrap lengths of evergreen generously around the ring


Now make up a small bouquet of plant material. A twist of floral wire will keep it together. Excellent. Now make another four. Or more.

Attach them to the wreath

Looking good. How about a few dried Allium heads?

Like these

Alliums added


Titivate until perfection is achieved

Nearly there


You bet!

I sense a business opportunity coming on

Of course, there’s always someone who takes their decorating just a little too far…

For example, here we see a bad case of tinsellitis

Meanwhile, at the back of a border at Garden House, life is moving on…

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and a most floriferous 2021

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