Friday 9th April 2021

What, no Zoom session? Small groups actually meeting in real life?? At Garden House???

So it seems. And the residents are absolutely delighted to see us.

Well, moderately pleased, anyway

How wonderful to be back in the garden again, albeit in teeny-tiny groups and for a shorter session. It’s looking marvellous – full of Tulips, Euphorbias, Amelanchier buds, Prunus ‘Tai Haku’ blossom, Narcissi and sunshine. We got somewhat blissed out on it all.

After a little catch-up, we had time to have a wander round to see what’s been going on. There’s a lot to catch up on at Garden House.

There are big plans afoot for the creation of a dry garden; two openings over the weekend for the National Garden Scheme; G/H is shortly due to appear in the Telegraph, with Garden House friends Max and Henry demonstrating staking/support techniques using birch. It’s all going on.

Woven plant support cage



Looks deceptively simple, but when you start looking at the details…

it’s a little more complicated

Knit one, purl one…

…and, cast off

And how’s the greenhouse doing?


All neat. All labelled. All good.

Although the workforce seems a little laid back.

Are you being sarcatsic?

Jobs for the week

Think about providing plant supports

For the growing season ahead. Be prepared. One group practised birch twisting and twirling skills

In complete control

A little light weeding

Keep on top of emerging weeds. One group took on the challenge; nothing too stressful – we don’t want to overtax the compost bins on our first day back

Comb through evergreen grasses to remove dead growth

An unlikely piece of garden equipment is the best tool for the job – an Afro comb. Brilliantly effective. Invest in one now.

Short back and sides, with a Bobby Charlton comb-over

Forced Rhubarb should be ready to pick

Enjoy the Tulips

It’s good to be back

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