Friday 25th June 2021

It’s that time of year where we divide into sub-groups and head off to colleagues’ gardens to effect totally top-notch transformations.

We may have dreams of turning this situation…

…into something approaching this

Maybe a little showy?

Or this

into this

Possibly a little fussy for our tastes; we prefer a simpler look. And a lot less bedding, for goodness sake.

But how about this

into this?

A wildlife pond? In Horsham? An area with notoriously heavy clay? Are you joking? And the weather forecast is dire.

Well, it’s a big ask, but these are big-hearted types, full of vision and enthusiasm. Give them a challenge, and they’ll dig deep. Quite literally in this case.

First lay out the shape of the pond with a hose. Discuss with team. Re-lay hose. Consider aspect. Re-lay hose. Think about orientation. Re-lay hose. Stop for coffee.

Re-lay hose. Stop for downpour. You get the picture.

And they’re off!

Turf off. Turf stacked.

Mountains of earth appear from the depths

Once they started there was just no stopping them. Even when the weather took a turn for the worse

While some dug, others were on border control.

The obligatory cake-stop

Brilliant work, team! Underlay now in place. Just waiting for the rain to stop so the butyl liner can be positioned. Once that’s happened, you can guarantee there will be a drought.

There will be updates

Next week, fearless Friday Group fettle a new set of challenges

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