Friday 2nd July 2021

Week Two of Friday Group’s Transformation Challenge.

What’s in store for them this week?

They don’t look exactly focused, do they? 10.35 and still discussing what to do.

This is more like it.


And after


And after


My goodness, it’s all action

They obviously needed that coffee. This work is all caffeine-fuelled.

Some must have had two cups

Oh. Now, that what I call a transformation!

Congratulations. A job well dug.

Well-deserved, team.

Literally, the icing on the cake.

Meanwhile, in another corner of Brighton….

There are people in that shrubbery!

Are they playing hide-and-seek?

Good heavens, no! They’re pruning the Griselinia. Do they look the type to muck about?

Well, yes they do, actually

The snails, which were carefully coralled together, appear to be making a break for it.

Although, someone’s keeping a beady eye on them…


Back to base next week. Who knows, The Garden House may have become The Garden Jungle by now.

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