Friday 5th November 2021

Remember, remember, – today is the day to work in colleagues’ gardens. So, this Friday, it was a case of hi-ho, hi-ho, it’s off to work we go, but not at Garden House. One group met in Brighton and one in Newhaven

The Brighton team’s brief was firstly to find the garden…It was a bit of a puzzle.

Through a little gap, and down some steep steps…

Find a gate…

…and walk into a magical space full of greenery

and a lovely view

On a steep slope too! Amazing, and not a little challenging

All sorts of levels had been created by the (strong and feisty) owner, who had also laid brick patios, built steps and was now preparing to set to work with a new toy…

Unsurprisingly, we found this a little intimidating, and had to sit down for a moment or two

Equilibrium recovered; then there was no stopping us

Our task (and we chose to accept it) was to clear a bed, remove weeds and replant with bulbs and plants appropriate to the site. Most plants were removed and placed in a holding area

These paddling pools come in so handy

We disturbed some of the hidden wildlife

A slow worm

A fast newt

And a toad which was hopping mad

We frightened a dragon, who went into hiding

And discovered oodles of oozy snails

Remaining shrubs were given a trim and tidy up. Some pots were emptied and filled with compost ready for bulbs. And a vine was unearthed and its roots traced back to New Zealand.

Of course, cakes featured. As per.

It would have been rude not to

Spurred on by the sugar rush, work continued…

for some

Then it was time to leave and return to the outside world once again

Were we ever there?

Indeed we were – the owner kindly said it was a month’s worth of gardening done in a day!

Meanwhile, in a garden far, far away…. in the midst of a mist of Miscanthus

lay another magical space

with a very excellent greenhouse

and a keen workforce eager to get going

They know the rules…

there are bulbs to plant

in beds and boxes

Beds to weed and plant

Here’s the shrub hub

Cake bait

(It works every time)

And always gets a good response

Seedlings to pot on

Keep them in the greenhouse until they are rooted and established

There are cuttings to be taken. These are of Helichrysum italicum

Narcissus bulbs planted and topped off with gravel to deter the darling little squirrels. If this fails, flame throwers will be brought in. Available at all good garden centres.

Another golden day

Thank you so much to both our wonderful hosts. It was a lot of fun.

Next Friday, it’s back to base at Garden House