Friday group members’ gardens

This page is for group members to share, record and celebrate the achievements and challenges of  their own gardens…

January 2017

Sarah took this lovely photo just this week.

The attached photo was taken today 26th Jan in my garden. A primrose before my snowdrops; how unexpected but so pretty.


December 2016

This is a stunning picture of Katy’s camellia growing in a pot in her garden last winter.


September 2016 

Here are some lovely photos of Sally’s garden taken in the autumn sunshine with her beautiful salvia – Sally’s plant of the season




May 2016 from Dawn‘My helpers so hard at work!!  I felt really guilty cos they kept making me sit down.   Really please with the result just a little bit more to go as they run out of time!  Probably because I had embedded the old log roll so deeply!’

May 2016 – Tulip pictures

from Pat S -tulips from our French garden, they are Estella Rynveld

Plus Fritillaries from Copenhagen -the shop belongs to Tage Anderson

Pat 3.jpg


from Ann H – Tulip Evita and Anemone bland White Splendour

ann n

From Lil – lovely under-planting of tulips with forget-me-nots

From Sarah N – lovely pink tulips

From Sharon

May 2016 from Dinah

‘Recently, I was given Victorian edging tiles by my brother which I have now finished laying. I am delighted with the effect which I had imagined for sometime as it has tidied up the area so well. Also on view is my attempt at a plant support.’

May 2016 from Julia K on holiday

We visited a superb Japanese garden in Portland, Oregan which was incredibly serene with the most amazing colours and covered 5.5 acres ( pic 1)

We then visited ‘Hall of Mosses’ at Hoh Rainforest in Olympia National Park in Washington State. Absolutely stunning with great swathes of mosses and lichen hanging from trees that included redwoods and spruces. The fungi on the trees was also amazing.. 

Also hostas everywhere which surprised me and I’m sitting here trying out the local wine list whilst watching tiny hummingbirds that hum very loudly whenever they fly..

Julia pic

Julia pic 2

March 2016 from Julia K

Frogs in Hove!

December 2015 from Scott

Scott is moving into the paper white business!

November 2015 from Julia K

‘ I planted up some paper whites bought from Bridge. They are slowly straightening up & to make them more colourful until they flower I’ve covered the gravel with berries from my garden including my favourite callicarpa. It’s now looks much more festive! ‘

Julia paper


‘I’ve never grown this before so had no idea what to expect but I had got the tubers from Garden House last year  – thinking they were the other artichokes!

The plants were 8/9 foot tall with lovely yellow flowers so have been decorative & edible!’

Julia artichokes

November 2015 from Mary

Mary’s lovely autumn garden – with some beautiful nerines still flowering well.

Mary 1 mary 4

  mary2   mary3

November 2015 from Ally

‘Here’s the potting shed and some lovely fuchsias’

ally 4

ally 5

‘and a few pics of Sheffield Park – Ray and I managed to pick the best day weather wise to see the wonderful Autumn colours, it really was fab.’

ally 1

ally 2

ally 3

November 2015 from Scott

‘Just cut the last of my dahlias!’

dahlia - scott 1

Dahlia Scott 2

November 2015 from Julia K

‘Thought the discovery of my still growing strawberries may bring a smile or two! Ironically – I never got any strawberries in June….’

Julia pic

November 2015 from Katy Le B

Katy’s lovely garden

Katy pic

October 2015 from Hilary

‘This summer we lent our house and garden to a friend for her 50th. The pressure was then on to complete my many projects like painting the shed, aka ‘The Rum Shack’. On the day the garden was styled by my interior designer friend, it has never looked so good (nor does now!)’

Liz's 50th Jul15 (6)

Liz's 50th Jul15 (15)

Liz's 50th Jul15 (7)

Liz's 50th Jul15 (12)

September 2015 from Sue

‘Enamel bowl with ready made rust holes found on a jolly with Mandy, planted up with white cyclamen, violas and heather’


September 2015 from Amanda

Amanda took on the challenge of making a meal from the trombonchino .

‘Cottage Cheese & shredded Trombonchino Squash plant (low fat – no pastry) Quiche 😊 ‘

What a hoot!

Amanda  flan

flan 2


July 2015 from Hilary

‘ The before and after of the first garden design and built by Pavitt Garden Design. The client is thrilled – it has transformed her life. Thanks to everyone for your faith in me – now spread the word!’

 Sarah gdn 1st (2) (2)

Sarah gdn 1st (4) (2)

Sarah's after (3) (2)

Sarah after (2)

June 2015 from Mary

‘I have missed 3 weeks of Friday group but was there today for Kate Osborn’s watercolour course and was amazed at how much everything has grown! Looking wonderful! I’m pleased to say it was lovely to see our little garden after 2 weeks.’

Midsummer garden pics:

Mary 1 Mary 2

Mary 3

Mary 4

Mary 5

June 2015 from Dawn

‘Couldn’t resist sending quick photo of my Peter Beale rose ‘Raymond Carver’ – bought via my first visit/course with Simon at the magic garden house. Must have been about 4 or 5 yrs ago…’

Dawn pic

May 2015 from Ann

Ann has some hostas in pots and some planted in the beds around her pond

Hostas Ann 2

Hostas Ann

May 2015 from Dawn

Dawn is really skilled at keeping the slugs and snails from her hostas.

Hosta Dawn

May 2015 from Julia K..

‘My front garden where I tend to let everything self seed and then try to restore a wee bit of order sometimes. Plants include scabious, love in a mist, heleniums, alliums and s smallish acer tree’.

Julia pic 2

‘Back garden photo showing my incredible Melianthus which has survived two winters and is now flowering its socks off’

Julia pic

May 2015 from Lil..

Look closely to see the alpine sink amongst all the other lovely plants in Lil’s garden.

from Lil 2

from Lil

May 2015 from Sharon..

Anthriscus sylvestris ‘Ravenswing’ – a black stemmed cow parsley looking good in the garden with alliums. Plus I am very pleased with the Cerinthe that I grew from seeds collected in Bridge’s garden last year.

ravenswing 2

 Sharon ravenswing

Sharon cerinthe

April 2015 from Dinah

‘These photos show our garden before and after new gravel/beach beds which have transformed the end of our garden, though clearly more plants needed.  Fortunately my son helped with some of the landscaping, but moving turf and bags of stones probably explains my back problems!’

Dinah 1

Dinah 2

April 2015  from Hilary

‘As everyone will know – since I gave up a proper job I have been renovating my garden – both front and back. In particular I painted all 130 metres of the ugly fence foisted on me by my neighbours. You can’t create a beautiful picture with plants if it has an ugly frame!

I’ve created beds down by the pool and best of all I’ve created a wildlife pond in a hitherto overgrown bit of the veg garden. I want to thank Katie for the rocks (well boulders actually!) – nearly did myself in shifting them into place but thrilled with the results. Nice snap of Richard enjoying the fruits of my labours. It’s nearly there – just the summer house to paint…..’

Wildlife pond Hilary

orange wall Hilary

Richard HIlary 5

Black fence apr 15 Hilary (2)

Black fence apr 15 Hilary(4)

Black fence Apr15 Hilary (1)

Black fence Apr15 Hilary 2(3)

April 2015 – Vicky’s beautiful allotment-

Vicky allotment 2

Vicky allotment 3

Vicky allotment 4

Vicky allotment 5

Vicky allotment 6

April 2015 from Katy

Katy has a visit from Pete the Pond..

Katy 1

Katy 2

April 2015 from Ann

Alpine sink before and after – looking very good. Well done Ann!

 photo (2)

 Ann after

25th March from Julia W

‘I went all Country Living with daffodils and twigs, plus violas from a supermarket multi-pack planted in little cups. I even recycled some moss that had previously topped hyacinth bulbs’ plus ‘More of the violas outside in small clay pots that Mary so kindly gave me.’

Julia 1 Julia 2

11th March 2015 from Sharon

‘It was wild weather up in Skye -but we did have one nice day when we could get out in the garden. The heather in the rockery is looking really stunning!’

Skye 1

Skye 3

Skye 4


11th March 2015 from Julia W

‘Here’s a picture I took today in the gorgeous sunny weather of the survivors in my cold frame enjoying a bit of fresh air!’

photo Julia W (2)

11th March 2015 from Katy

‘A small section of my Camelia, it is absolutely stunning at the moment’

Camelia Katy (4)

2nd March 2015 from Nanette

Choisya ternata- terminate? Is this plant dead or just resting?

Nanette 1

Last Friday in the group I showed some sorry pictures of my choysia ternata (Mexican orange blossom). The shrub must be least ten years old and for the years that I lived with it, it looked healthy and glorious. Especially early summer it is a real treat when it’s full of sweet smelling white flowers. Not that this shrub is a special specimen as such, but it is (was?) the hedge in my front garden that kept people from looking in and gave some scented please for those who walked past.

But over this winter I noticed that the glossy dark foliage turned yellowy and now distinctly brown. This weekend, on further investigation, I noticed that the stem of the shrub is showing some serious signs of rot, so I fear for its life. What I also noticed was that a stump of a rose that had been growing through it, which had died last year, was covered in fungus-  I could pull it out with no effort.

So what is going on? Is this a case of a dying choisya, or could it be ‘just resting’, suffering form a bad winter and undernourishment, and can it come back? Is it co-incidence that the rose and choisya are ‘meeting their maker’ or is there perhaps something wrong with the soil? Or is it me, too enthusiastic with my pruning sheer last summer, at a wrong time of year?

Ann’s reading of the lovely column of Christopher Lloyd, in which he lamented the loss of garden favorites, brought some perspective on this. On the one hand, I really do not look forward to loosing this shrub, it sort of part of the house, on the other I’m not looking forward to a staring at some sorry skeleton And dead plants, well can be the opportunity for a new shrub- (Hello garden centre!). Still if the soil is dodgy, I might have to sort that out first.

What to do?

Nanette 2

Nanette 3

1st February 2015 from Dinah

‘Living so close to the sea, plus a love of beachcombing, using my finds I have constructed edging which feels appropriate to the garden setting, including my interpretation of Derek Jarman’s style, which needs more work on’

Dinah pic

Dinah pic 2

26th January 2015 from Karin

‘Same view of garden summer and winter. My garden looks pretty bad at the moment so you need to remind yourselves of things to come! Hopefully they’ll come back!! I can see some shoots so all looking positive!’

Karin 1 Karin 2

11th January 2015 from Julia K

‘..inspired by the Garden House wreath making course I returned home and gathered what I could from our garden – includes cornus, buddleia, verbena bonariensis, water reeds, grasses, Japanese anenome, clematis, fatsia japonica & agapanthus. It reminds me of the amazing summer we’ve just had and what I’ve got to look forward to.’



10th January 2015 from Karin

Christmas decorations in Karin’s house…




 K4 K5

4th January 2015 from Ann

‘Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) Alfresco -the advice was right, 3 bulbs in a pot is really effective!’


10th December 2014 from Dinah

‘Paper whites planted to Bridge’s recommendations which I am thrilled with’


2nd December 2014 from Julia W

‘My small untidy multi-level garden but I just like the layers and all the lines and angles in this photo as the plants die down.’

autumn garden

‘A cyclamen with self-sown babies which I will be sure to pot on.’


24th October 2014 from Sue

Some pictures of Sue’s beautiful garden earlier in the year





20th October 2014 from Mary..

‘Saw this one in Stanmer and thought it might be of interest. Would love to know what it is!’


19th October 2014 from Dinah…

‘Having fairly savagely cut back tamarisk trees in the middle of walled bed I have no idea what I should plant underneath them, if anything. I could do with some suggestions from the group so to put it in context here are photos that show either side of the tree and vacant space. Any comments would be welcome..’

Dinah 1

Dinah 2

Dinah 3

14th October 2014 from Ally

Autumn colour in Ally’s garden

Ali garden Ali garden 2

10th October 2014 from Ann

Here is a white Begonia tenella (trailing) under the arch in a shady corner of my garden (and more begonias on and around the seat)

IMG_0912 Ann's garden

7th October 2014 from Hilary

‘I was tidying the dahlia bed and found this weird hybrid dahlia – half pink and half red’

Weird Dahlia 5oct14

1st October 2014 from Julia K

‘Our garden with a bit of wedding bunting’

Julia's (14)

30th September 2014 from Mary

‘Pleased and surprised by this little corner of my garden…….red hot pokers and sedum’

photo Mary(11)

28th September 2014 from Hilary

‘Today was one of those wonder rare days where I got to do a big job that has been hanging over my head like the sword of Damocles – clearing the veg garden – here’s a before and after. ‘

Hils garden #sept14 (2)

Hils garden #sept14 (7)

‘The front garden with the holly tree – then without it. Big difference!’

Hils garden #sept14 (16)

Hils garden #sept14 (17)

27th September 2014 -from Ann

‘This is Rosa ‘Ballerina’ by my front gate.  No scent but with a second flush like this she is forgiven!’

Ann photo

13th September 2014 -from Sharon

 ‘Tulbaghia violacea growing in a pot by my front door’

photo 5

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